The Six Ladies of SEO I Would Want to Be Stuck Next to on a Cross Country Flight

Maybe this will become all that Snydey Sense is. One list after another of people I like.

If that happens someone put a pillow over my face while I’m sleeping.

The reality of the situation is that I wrote the last piece with six specific individuals in mind, and none of them happened to be women. There was an obvious backlash to that, and now I must defend myself against sexist allegations, even though I am actually a misogynistic (or is it masochist? I don’t remember.)

There are a plethora of brilliant women in search, but once again, and specifically for the people that bitched about certain people being left off the last list, these are people that I not only respect for their offerings to our industry, but also for who they are.

The situation this time?

We are on a flight from my home town of Ft.Lauderdale to San Jose for SES. I can think of no more uncomfortable situation for a human than sitting next to my big ass on a cross country flight, except perhaps being stuck with my big ass in an elevator.

Rae Hoffman aka Sugarrae

Rae is considered by many to be one of best SEOs in the world, male or female.

She has been involved with organic SEO for over 9 years and is one of industries foremost experts on link building and affiliate marketing. She also has an amazing understanding of how to utilize social media, with one of her media property’s,, use of Twitter for branding is among the best done to date on the platform.

Rae wrote the guide to using Facebook, literally. She has also written a slew of other informative posts on the platform including:

Rae is also one of the most popular conference speakers in our industry.

Despite all that she is, and all she has accomplished in this industry, it is none of those things that make her one of the most amazing people in this industry.

For me it is the person she is at home, and how she got into her field that really make me put Rae on a pedestal. She entered this industry by chance, doing research, and creating a website for her son Christopher James. CJ suffered a massive infant stroke only a few weeks into his life, and this left Rae, as it would any parent, looking for ways to help her child and others like him.

As a dad I can’t imagine what Rae and CJ have gone through, all I know is that the love and strength Rae has shown for her son, and the life she has worked to create from that love and strength is something I personally think about on almost a daily basis. When I get to being a little bitch about the nonsense that I might be dealing with in my career, I think about what she has had to go through to get to where she is at, and I put my issues behind me and focus.

If I were on a plane next to Rae Hoffman, a person I have never met anywhere but online, I would sit there with her for hours and absorb all the information and strength she would allow of me.

Also she is a hardcore bitch, and since I am hardcore dude (or at least I pretend to be) I think we would have fun getting drunk on the plane and throwing things at people.

Melanie Nathan aka Status Girl

Melanie Nathan is one of the smartest people in SEO you’ve never heard of. Well some of you have, especially if you are on Twitter, but she is not the “SEO Rockstar” some strive to be. She sits in the shadows sucking up and sharing knowledge about search.

Melanie has a great background in link building, and a keen understanding of social media. She is a DMOZ editor, in charge of SEO/SEM for and their projects, and got her start in this industry off the creation of her own successful site, which she eventually sold.

Melanie is also a mom. When I look at everything she does, the fact that she is also somebody’s mom is mind boggling to me. She is able to be an amazing SEO and amazing parent in the same time it takes me to be an okay dad and crappy Internet marketer.

Melanie is a sweet person, whom often lifts my spirits via tweets. As long as she doesn’t dare eat those ketchup flavored potato chips she likes near me I think we could have a great time one a cross country flight.

Tamar Weinberg

Tamar is one of the worlds most sought after social media marketers and bloggers.

She also has a great understanding of SEO and how it correlates to social media.

She has written for a whose who of search and social media blogs:

10e20 blog

Search Engine Roundtable



Update: Techipedia (forgot this one, doh!)

I am not sure there is a writer, outside of Danny Sullivan and Barry Schwartz, that has done as much for the development of SEO in the blogosphere as Tamar.

Tamar and I are both South Florida products so I think we should have a lot to talk about. Mainly we can talk about how we hated growing up in South Florida. She is also an Orthodox Jew, and I find anyone with that much religious fortitude to be fascinating. I mean no cheesburgers, I do not have that kind of will power.

Brandy Eddings

Brandy has turned into one of my favorite people online. She is smart and witty, and often brings a smile to my face during my work day.

Okay, okay she is more of an SEM chick, but she belongs to SEOmoz, and is involved in SEO. Also this is my list so shut it.

Brandy has been involved in SEM for roughly three years, and is now running her own paid search marketing and consulting firm, New Edge Media.  She has an uncanny understanding of paid search, and a refreshing social media voice.

On a personal level she loves Family Guy, Quentin Tarantino movies, comic books, and Army of Darkness. This means that she is obviously one of the coolest people on the planet without a Y chromosome. I think we would have fun watching Pulp Fiction and drinking cross country.

Rhea Drysdale

Rhea is the Online Marketing Director at Less Everything and a contributor at Search Engine Journal.

One of her biggest contributions to date in the industry has been her role in thwarting the evil Jason Gambert (the douche bag that wants to trademark SEO). Her article on this topic was instrumental in helping expose some of Gambert’s sockpuppetry.

She also put together an awesome post on the cannibolization of Page Rank.

Rhea is a big animal person having attended every zoo on the eastern seaboard and having received a grant from Budweiser to attend an International Environmental Enrichment Conference.

I think if I were a single guy right now I would buy a large piece of land and raise livestock. I love animals. Not in a weird, icky part of the Internet way though.

Rhea and I could talk about the evils of people’s misconceptions about SEO and talk about the wonders of the animal kingdom as she is forced to sit next to me closer than even my wife cares to.

Pamela Lund

I am pretty sure if I was single I would sell all of my possessions, move to San Diego, and propose to Pamela Lund. I am also pretty sure that would be followed by a restraining order.

She is smart, funny, and beautiful.

She is everything I am not.

We would make a great sitcom couple.

Pam’s early background was in finance before she moved into marketing, which means she always has an eye on the bottom line. She loves data and crunching the numbers, and Avinash Kaushik will tell you that is the key to success on the web.

Pamela focuses on educating clients on the concepts involved in SEO. This concept is an ideal that I share. An educated client is a happy client.

For 4 years she managed a team of over 100 writers, designers and developers who created over 2,000 websites and optimization programs for doctors, lawyers and dentists in the US, Canada, UK and AU.

She has also done some video guest posts for Shoemoney.

Check out her Girlie Girls SEO Conference Guide from her That Pam Chick blog.

Pamela loves alcohol. I love alcohol. So I think I know what we will be doing on our cross country air flight.

So there are the six women of SEO I would want to share a painfully uncomfortable situation with. I am sure your list will differ, but I don’t care, if I were Charlie these would be my angels.

18 thoughts on “The Six Ladies of SEO I Would Want to Be Stuck Next to on a Cross Country Flight

  1. Wonderful article. Tamar is the only one I actually know, although I’ve heard of a couple of the others. In such a male dominated industry it’s good to see women getting recognized.

  2. it’s great to see people in our industry getting along and having nice things to say about one another. With all the in fighting lately its a breathe of fresh air to see such nice conversation. Dave you are truly a class act!

  3. Daaavvve!! Whaddya doin’ makin’ me all teary-eyed??! *sniff*

    Quite an extraordinary list of ladies to be included on. I’m *totally* honored to be in such company.

    Btw, did I mention I *too* love alcohol? :D

  4. I have no idea how I possibly made this list of ladies that have so much talent and personality. Thank you!

  5. Wow Dave it’s one thing to narrow it down to six guys in an elevator but come on, you’re on a cross country flight and only six girls? You better spend the rest of your blogging days adding to that list if you know what’s good for you.

  6. You forgot Techipedia (my main blog)! ;)

    “I mean no cheesburgers, I do not have that kind of will power.”

    I hear ya. It makes life a *lot* easier when you’ve never had it in your entire life. I had a fake cheeseburger in March for the first time though and I heard that it tastes similar to the real thing. But I can’t say I have that deep desire. :D

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