Winter Winds of Change and the Lessons they Hold


If anyone were to ask me what I will be focusing on in 2009 it would be that concept.

I am adapting in both my personal life and professional.

Recently the Snyder family moved from South Florida, our long time home, to Utah.

This was a change of monumental proportions for us. The reasons the change is so big are obvious, and probably do not need to be stated, but I feel the reasons for the move do, and tie back into my overall focus as I head into 2009.

The move to Utah was for both professional and personal reasons.

I had hit a wall.

I had become stagnant.

My days began to bleed into each other. It effected my work. Worse it effected my family.

I knew I needed to adapt.

I knew Search & Social needed me to make a dynamic move to grow.

I knew my wife and kids, whom are the center of my world, needed me, the real me, back.

I decided to make a change. I decided to join my business partner Jordan Kasteler in Salt Lake City to begin to grow our business, and give my family a change for the better.

I wasn’t afraid to adapt.

Now the Winter winds in Salt Lake are blowing cold, but for us they signify something new and refreshing.

For the last two years, I have heard the terms “Year of the Mobile” and “Year of Social Media” thrown around. 2009 will be the Year of Adaptation.

Search is changing, and marketers must adapt. Local search, personalized search, and universal search continue to change the organic game. Search engines are in a battle for market share and product improvements help them gain this step. Product improvements for a search marketer equal change, and that means adaptation.

The biggest adaptation that must be made by search marketers is how they approach the craft. No longer are we simply link builders, or tweakers of indexability. We must now approach the concept of search in a rounded fashion, utilizing all of the weapons the search engine product improvements have given us.

The adaptation does not need to be as glaring as mine.

I do not recommend a cross country move for anyone.

However, your adaptation should be from the ground up. The way you approach optimization should be reflected in your training of staff, which should be reflected in your client education, and then in your billing of services as well.

The best thing about all of this snow I am seeing is I know we will appreciate the Spring that much more.

After the frigid nature of Winter comes the life of Spring.

The same is going to be true of search in 2009.

We will see the huge movement towards the channel by small and mid sized business who can no longer justify print and local radio expenditures. And in order to really leverage this change the search marketer must be ready to adapt to the changes afoot, and the changes we are not yet privy to.

Change is always painful at first, but in the end, if nothing else we learn from it.

Be willing to accept new KPIs and get rid of decaying tools.

Be willing to grow.

So I know when 2010 rolls around I will at least have grown from the experiences and challenges I have accepted for this year.

What will you be able to say?

10 thoughts on “Winter Winds of Change and the Lessons they Hold

  1. Great post, Dave.

    Does this mean Scary SEO is going to be held in SLC next year?

    I hope your family is adjusting well to the move – and the cold. The worst is yet to come, but without the bitter cold the spring just ain’t as sweet.

    Here’s to a fruitful and healthy 2009!

  2. Adaptation – What a great way to look at the New Year! Best of Luck in your transition – I couldn’t imagine growing up without the four seasons so I am sure the kids will love it! (Even if Spring is only one week long nowadays- LOL)
    Cheers to Success in 09

  3. Dave, just a check of reality but Spring in Utah can be cold too. Prepare for random snow in April.

    Nice post. You gone deep dude. I wish you the best, Utah is a great place!

  4. Don’t forget to foollw the Sonics, Josh you’re a Seattle boy now. One of the reasons the Jazz have been hard to foollw for you might be that the Jazz are experiencing what is known as an off season. That site seems cool, though. Always informative your blog.

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