The 12 Days of Daveness: Day 1 – Make your analytics actionable

In an effort to force myself back into blogging I have created this stupid idea that I will add an Internet Marketing insight everyday from now until the end of the month.

Like with all things I do (SnydeySense, Scary SEO, IM Spring Break) I have given this effort a goofy name, The 12 Days of Daveness.

Today’s tip, and really in my opinion the foundation of any well rounded analytics campaign, is make your approach to analytics based on actionable data.

This is where most of you stop your approach to analytics.



The problem is that none of these are really actionable results. What do you do once you know your visitor count? Try to get more? What does that mean to conversion and revenue?

In 2009, you should begin to construct a complete actionable analytics solution, with an investment in time over investment in tools.

- Create a daily data analysis time for yourself

- Create a strategy to follow during this time period based on questions you want to know about your user. How many people purchased from a referrer today? What are the exit points for customers? Why are people bouncing out of my shopping cart?

- Create solutions based on your data

- Test those solutions

- Rinse and repeat

None of these tips are earth shattering, but many of you are not doing them.

Your analytics is simply something you have, not something you use.

The return for your time in the process could be larger than any other element of your online campaign.


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