The 12 Days of Daveness: Day 4 – Be Great at One Thing


“I don’t wish to be everything to everyone, but would like to be something to someone.” ~ Ali Javan

This quote is pretty much the extent of what I want to share with you 4 days into my return to blogging.

I am an advocate of being a well rounded Internet Marketer, but I am in no way an advocate of trying to advertise myself as an expert at everything in the field.

Find what you are great at and strive to be better than anyone at that singular concept. Do not put blinders on to the rest of what is going on around you, but if you try to push yourself forward as an expert on everything you will likely be mediocre at everything.

This is becoming especially true with the emergence of the “social media guru.” Some people are dropping their bread and butter to jump aboard the social media train, having no idea where it is even heading. 

Stick to what you are good at. 

Learn new things, and apply those concepts, but do not overstep your abilities.

Some great examples of people that adhere to this concept are:

Andy Beal – Master of Online Reputation Management. Andy is obviously skilled in other areas, but he has really honed this art.

Rae Hoffman – Branded affiliate marketing. Rae defined this concept. Branded, sustainable properties monetized through affilaite revenue. She is obviously one of the best minds in search, but the branded affilaite concept is her specialty.

Matthew Inman – I am not sure there is someone better in the Linkbait arena than Matt. He has the proof to back up the rep. He is a uber talented designer, but again this skill only helps him in linkbaiting.

Avinash Kaushik – He is THE most brilliant mind on this planet in terms of analytics, how to decipher web based data, and creating process from that information.

The list could really go on and on.

But look at these few, and then look at yourself. 

What is your glaring strength?

Begin to hone that, do not leave the rest of your talents under utilized, but realize you can’t be everything to everyone. 

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