My Week Away from Twitter

On Monday September 8th, 2008 I shut down TweetDeck , resolving not to open it again for a week.

I had enough of Twitter. 

Anyone that follows me or has read any of my posts, either here or elsewhere on the web, will probably find this odd. In general, I can be seen as a Twitter fanboy.

What had upset me so much that I shut Twitter down?

I had a severe meltdown that Monday, and the cause was the negativity spewing from my Twitter feed combined with outside stressors.

At 2:17 on the 8th I tweeted:

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Online Reputation Management Via SMO

I was part of the SMO Tactics session at SES San Jose, and got some great feedback from my presentation.

So I decided it was information I should share on Snydey Sense.

The basic concept of what I shared was how to utilize already established social media platforms to generate branded SERPs. The concept is obviously something that could easily be taken to the “dark side” but in general is a concept every search marketer should be utilizing to control their clients online reputation.

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Be an Internet Glass Chewer, not a Glass Jaw

This post will seem like a rant in spots, but if you stick with it I think some of you will be inspired enough in your efforts to fill your pockets with a little extra coin; the only result that matters in our industry.

I read a post by Lisa Barone at entitled Don’t Be Popular. Be Useful. , and got to thinking about how some of those same concepts translate past blogging into the actual fabric of the industry.

The ratio of self-promoting perpetrators in our industry to actual talent seems to be ever increasing.

The former is soft and glass jawed, the later is a mean spirited glass chewer.

The former has a limited value based mostly on a segmented time line, the later will be an innovator in our industry as long as there is one.

You shouldn’t really need to have me tell you which one of these two schools you fall into, but I love allegory so let me tell you a tale to help you understand what the heart of a glass chewer is made of.

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The Six Ladies of SEO I Would Want to Be Stuck Next to on a Cross Country Flight

Maybe this will become all that Snydey Sense is. One list after another of people I like.

If that happens someone put a pillow over my face while I’m sleeping.

The reality of the situation is that I wrote the last piece with six specific individuals in mind, and none of them happened to be women. There was an obvious backlash to that, and now I must defend myself against sexist allegations, even though I am actually a misogynistic (or is it masochist? I don’t remember.)

There are a plethora of brilliant women in search, but once again, and specifically for the people that bitched about certain people being left off the last list, these are people that I not only respect for their offerings to our industry, but also for who they are.

The situation this time?

We are on a flight from my home town of Ft.Lauderdale to San Jose for SES. I can think of no more uncomfortable situation for a human than sitting next to my big ass on a cross country flight, except perhaps being stuck with my big ass in an elevator.

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The Six SEOs I Would Want to Be Stuck in an Elevator With

I am not a people person.

It is nothing personal against individuals, I just detest the B.S. most people spit.

The problem; I am in an industry full of people that spit B.S. on a daily, if not momentary basis.

Despite this fact there are a ton of people in the industry I would love to meet and talk to. Although I dislike empty conversations with most people I understand the value that they have, and I love learning everything someone is willing to teach me.

With SES San Jose coming up at the end of the Summer, I got to thinking who the people I would like to meet most would be. Then I realized that list would be too extensive, and that if I blogged about it, it would be too much of a Sphinn bait piece. Since I hate those kind of posts (Jesus I am filled with hate) I decided to go a less douchey route.

So instead I thought I would write about the SEOs I would most like to share an uncomfortable and time consuming event with. This really narrows down my list, to not only people I respect, but also the kind of people I find personally satisfying. An empty conversation in a stuck elevator would be the worst kind of torture, so in choosing the SEOs I would share the experience with it is important to  choose not only on the basis of respect for what they have to teach me, but also someone that wouldn’t make the event more torturous.

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