12 Things Internet Marketers Should Do Everyday

Let me preface this list that if you actually make a conscious effort to do this everyday, as if it is some type of religion, then I will come to your house and punch you.

I am not L. Ron Hubbard. This is not my Dianetics.

But these are 12 great things to do everyday if you are actively making your own, or someone else’s money online.

1. Check your damn analytics – If you owned a brick and mortar you would be making daily notations of how many people purchased items at your store, what items were purchased, and even informal assessments of foot traffic.  The same is true of your online business. Utilizing analytical programs actively can be a great way to monitor the online reputation and issues with the search marketing campaign for your website through recognition of traffic patterns.

2. Update your Facebook presence – Each day add some frieds, change your status, or do something else to keep your facebook page fresh. I keep getting questions about how utilizing Facebook is useful. Well Marty at aimclear said it better than me so I will let him explain. But in the end everything you do online must by looked at like a pyramid, with seeding being the foundation and your goal being the the pinnacle.

3. Monitor your online reputation – Whether you use the world’s stupidest online reputation tool, or the worlds greatest, make sure you are monitoring your online reputation everyday.

4. Read at least one Internet Marketing blog post – I don’t use a feed reader. I usually let Twitter tell me what I should be reading. Take time once a day to at least devour one blog post.

Some great blogs to start out on include:

Search Engine Journal

David Harry’s Huomah

Rae Hoffman’s SugarRae

Michael Gray’s Wolf Howl

Occam’s Razor by Avinash Kaushik

SEO Book


Aimclear Blog

We Build Pages Blog

5. Try to utilize a new tool each day – I get this tidbit from Jordan Kasteler. He loves SEO and social media tools, and rightfully so. They can sometimes do the heavy lifting for you. The only way you are going to find the tools that best fit you are by trial and error.

6. Hit StumbleUpon once a day and just Stumble – You can get all kinds of inspiration from seeing the content other people viewed as being valuable. There are other benefits from stumbling that could take an entire article.

7. Utilize Twitter – Man I shouldn’t even have to explain this one. Twitter has emerged as a key social media platform, and if you aren’t utilizing it everyday then you are missing huge opportunities, in business and social terms.

8. Take an hour and do something that isn’t Internet related – Go play with your kids, spend time with your significant other, read a book, play video games, whatever. Because when all is said and done life isn’t about work, its about our relationships with others. The more balanced your life is the better you will be at marketing.

9. Check your competitors out – Don’t live in a defensive bubble. Check out what your competition is doing, and figure out how to one-up-them. This means looking at their site, link portfolio, and even online mentions. Get their blueprint, and build upon it.

10. Thank print media for being stubborn – Everyday when you wake up, you should thank everyone in print media for refusing to rethink their business model and sending you all of their former advertisers.

11. Check out IM Broadcast for the latest in Internet Marketing video – Ok, that’s a shameless plug, but if you know me, you know I’m a whore.

12. Thank God, Allah or whomever that you get paid to play on the Internet. Think about how stupid and yet wonderful that sounds.

75 thoughts on “12 Things Internet Marketers Should Do Everyday

  1. Good list…I would like to add (if I may) another good suggestion (at least for me)….

    Work to expand your network/relationships across the board. Don’t just stick in one niche…you never know when that connection can move you to another.

  2. “Update your Facebook presence – Each day add some frieds, change you”

    I agree French Fries, Onion Rings, and some Poppers.

    Seriously though, nice list.

  3. The only one you left off was making sure you check your Twitter at least ONCE from the bathroom everyday … its refreshing and a good use of time you normally would be using to … waste time … on Twitter… I’m retarded…

  4. Switch #8 with #1

    playing with the kids is so much more important than checking analytics daily – once per week will do. you don’t want your kids to call you stranger…

  5. I’m liking #12 and appreciate being near my children as they grow – the internet has given me that over the last 10 years..

    Also going with #13 – it’s nice to be able to reach out and do positive things, nice to give back.

    Video games, cards kids, music are also mandatory, can’t burn out :0)

    May I add #14? No more (grumble mumble) damned lists ’til like 2010? hee hee….

    Hope you’re breathin’ deep and feelin’ better these days spidey, be seeing U round…. thanks for the support as always brother.

  6. Good post.

    I would propose, instead, to make sure that you do NONE of these things more than once a week. This is except for #8.

    Instead, build landping pages… tweak adwords campaigns… or do other things that make you money.

    But good post anyway-


  7. This is an outstanding reminder of the power of the Internet and some specific recommendations of how to get the most out of it.

    And, just to expand on Kim’s suggestion for a #13, we should not only give back to the community in some way, but be thankful for those who are willing to share their experiences and a little bit of themselves to help make the industry better.

    It’s easy to get wrapped up in the drama that is the online marketing community and it’s important to remember that behind all the screen names and social media profiles are real people. What we give, whether positive or negative, comes back to us in many different forms!

  8. I fundamentally disagree with #1. Looking at analytics every single day is a waste of time unless you run an absolute top site with hundreds of thousands of daily visitors. Otherwise your probably not do the important things for your site because your to busy staring at the numbers. Look at the numbers once a week or if your site is small enough once a month and build an actionable marketing plan focusing on areas. Then after you have set your goals look at your numbers. Did you meet your goals?

    Of course it’s a lot more than this, but don’t waste all your time looking at numbers every day because your probably reacting to daily fluctionation and not paying enough attention to the trends. My 2 cent.

  9. I spend a half an hour checking Alltop.com…I also read the news (NY Times, CNN.com, etc) because you never know where you’ll find new ideas and inspiration. We don’t generally check analytics EVERY day, though… something to think about.

  10. I think these are great suggestions, but I’d worry that if you tried to do all of these every day, it would be hard to get any other work done.

    But if you said these are things you should do every week…then yep, I’m with ya!

  11. This is one of the best lists I’ve seen! For someone like me, just starting out in the blog world, lists like this help to give me a “check off” to see if I’m doing everything I can to promote myself and get traffic to my site. Thanks!

    And don’t worry – I won’t use it religiously – it’s just an awesome tool!

  12. Awesome post! I think #8 has been one of the biggest helps for me lately. Just to spend an hour or so w/ the fam and take a break from things. Helps me realize who I’m really doing this for and gets me pumped up to get back to work.

  13. #8 sounds kind of ridiculous. Spend “an hour” doing something not internet related. I suggest you spend a lot more than a daily hour with your kids and wife/girlfriend.

  14. Good to see some variation and some healthy balance in that list. I don’t really care too much about my competitors except when they know soemthing I don’t. That’s the only reason I check their sites but NOT every day. I have learned a few things by reading this list today – thanks!

  15. Dave …

    Sorry to see you leave So Fla … it was cool seeing you over at the So Fla SEO Meetup … :)

    I Got One Question Though Bro …

    Why did you just GoogleBomb yourself for

    “World’s stupidest reputation tool”

  16. Thanks Dave for the List. I am new to internet marketing and trying to learn as much as I can. Free tips are always appreciated!!!

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  18. No. 8 is so true. When you’re locked into spending 10hrs day on the pc you very quickly can get addicted and start ignoring the things around you. Its all about balance.

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