How I Became The Most Dangerous Man on the Internet

The title “Most Dangerous Man on the Internet” is a tongue-in-cheek poke at people that believe people like myself are the most evil people on the planet. It’s insane hyperbole on their part. Sure some of what I have done can be characterized as “spam”, but in the end I am a realist and do not see any purity in the marketing game.

It is at its purest form:

the commercial processes involved in promoting and selling and distributing a product or service

Not exactly feeding the hungry.

However, I have not always been the spammer and wretched master of Internet manipulation I am now. In fact, I used to have a truly noble profession, I was a teacher.

In 2005, at the age of 23 I decided I was not going to be a famous musician and needed to get a real job. Armed with a degree in the always sought after craft of Creative Writing, pickins were slim. So I decided to try my hand at teaching. I was hired by Westglades Middle School to teach 7th grade English.

Imagine the terror of being 12 years old and walking into your classroom the first day of school and seeing me at the dry erase board.

Recently speaking at Bend WebCAM

I spent the next three years teaching. There is no profession more noble than that of an educator. That is a fact. The patience, understanding, and sacrifice of the educator is something that is overlooked in society. This becomes profoundly clear when you are in the trenches, working with kids and scraping by on very little pay.

During my first year of teaching I had one of the most emotional periods of my life. I got married, my best friend died, and had my first son, Dante. I had a family to support on a teachers salary, and living in South Florida was expensive so I moved my family into my parents house to save money and basically make ends meet. It was insane, and demoralizing, but not as demoralizing as what came next.


For my family, our situation was not as serious as the epidemic that faces nearly 500,000 people in this country. However, we did lack a safe,  permanent place to live, and nothing has ever scared me more. A series of events led to my family being without a place to live shortly after Hurricane Wilma. Basically here were the events (Update: I was the direct cause of my housing issues. No one was to blame but me. I thought I made this clear when I first wrote the post, but wanted to clarify. My parents are awesome, and although they loved this post, I don’t want anyone thinking negatively of them. I don’t and never will blame others for my mistakes):

1) Hurricane hits

2) Parents + My three person family loses power for an extended period of time

3) Tempers flare

4) Two large men get into confrontation

5) 1 family has no place to live

We were not on the streets, so put away the tissues. We were quickly taken in by a generous friend, and I found a way to get my family into a home. The only way I could make this happen was getting a roommate; again I was demoralized.

Here I was, a productive member of society, and I coudn’t support my family. I couldn’t even get us our own place to live. I was shaping young minds and trying to figure out how I was going to make my student loan payments to pay off my own education.

This was not the place for me. So I began to tutor on the side, and work 16 hour days to get us out of the funk. Nothing worked out for me. There were times we couldn’t pay rent. There were times we had to borrow cash for groceries.

12 months past. Wounds healed with my family, and I wanted to save up to buy a house, so in my infinite wisdom I decided to move my three person family back in with my parents. I think you know what happened next.


So after a few months a series of events led to us not having a place to live again and being taken in by another charitable friend. The series of events:

1) Parents + My three person family get on each others nerves

3) Tempers flare

4) Two large men get into confrontation

5) 1 family has no place to live

Within a few weeks I was able to scrounge up enough money to put my three person family into a 700 square foot one bedroom apartment. I broke. My third year of teaching I decided my life had to change. I could not raise my son like this, and my wife had been promised more than this when we married.

But what the hell did I have to offer the world? What could I do to change my fate? I was good at writing, teaching, and playing bass guitar, none of which were lucrative professions on average.

I began to scour the web for paid writing opportunities, and began working for a number of fantasy sports publications and scouting minor league players for some baseball sites. It was pretty cool, but tiring. I would work all day, tutor for a few hours, then travel to Jupiter to watch the minor league teams play, and finally end up in front of a computer writing updates on fantasy sites for a few bucks an update.

I wondered what would happen if I took what I was doing for other sites and did it for my own. I started a blog, (I let it lapse long ago). I didn’t know what a CMS was, so I just hand coded HTML web pages.

Sidenote: If you want to understand HTML and on page SEO, you should really be able to code a full HTML webpage in notepad.

I began to learn about SEO, analytics, how to monetize a website, the importance of unique content, and how to run an editorial calendar. I devoured everything I could read about websites and how to market them. I made a decision.

Job change.

I took a gamble, one that was fought fiercely by everyone I knew. I was going to leave teaching and find a job in the web world. At first I thought I would just find a gig as a content manager at a web design firm, but soon I began getting calls on my resume about SEO and online marketing. I didn’t know a ton about the topics, so I devoured more and more information on the concepts.

I got a new job.

I learned more, became better, worked in a competitive niche, and learned how to control the SERPs. I learned how to handle large PPC accounts. I studied even more. I began messing with social media for branding and link building.

Some people in life are lucky enough to find the career that is a perfect fit for them. Internet marketing was tailor made for me. I could create concepts to drive traffic and leverage search with ease within less than a year of my career change. Insane amounts of study and a knack for creativity were a perfect mixture to create a successful Internet marketer. When I talk to SEOs now who throw around how long they have been in the business I happily tell them I have only been professionally doing this for a portion of their lengthy career, because in the end talent and drive are what this game is all about, not the number of years someone has been mediocre.

Within six months of changing my career I was helping a large company achieve 30% growth in the travel space through organic search, a 700% ROI on average from PPC, and had a successful branding campaign running for them via social media.

Within 1 year I was writing for my friend Andy Beal at

Within two years I was speaking at my first SES.

Speaking in Denver on a Black Hat/White Hat Panel with Frank Watson and Scott Polk

Now I co-own one of the most respected search publications on the web, and an industry respected search agency. I work alongside some of the best minds in search, and most innovative companies online.

Me with two “bad men”, Dave Naylor and Todd Friesen

This isn’t the full story, and there were plenty more hardships, but I want people to take something away from the portions I have shared. Everyone has talents that if given the proper opportunity can equal success. Hard work + an understanding of your talents + luck = success. You control the first two components.

So when people attack me, and call me a spammer, or tell me I am a bad person because I market online to make money, I shrug it off. I wonder if they have ever wondered where there 1 year old son is going to sleep at night, or had to scrounge for rent. I wonder if they have ever been afraid of the future, and the life they can give their family. The reality is that the only people whose opinions matter to me live in my house, the one I can now pay for every month without a worry.

So yeah I am a bad man, the most dangerous man on the Internet, but more importantly I am a husband and father that worked his ass off to give his family the life they deserved, and in the end those are probably the only titles I actually care about.

199 thoughts on “How I Became The Most Dangerous Man on the Internet

  1. @The Dude Dean What the fuck is your problem? Someone spills their guts and opens up their life and their heart to the online world and you reply with such an incredibly ridiculous statement? You shameless piece of shit.

  2. Dean -

    You pry should have read the post before you opened your mouth.

    That issue is behind me at the urge of my wife. Plus it wasn’t making me any money, and wasting my time, so I had to make a decision.

  3. Dave,

    Working with you for the past 5 months, along with becoming a budding family man myself, has been an eye opening experience.

    Thanks for sharing this with us. We love you :)

  4. Great read Dave.. It closely mirrors my own travels through teaching, family, and tech.. I’m glad you have found a ‘happy place’ and are moving forward with life while leaving the pettiness behind..

    We really need to sit and smoke a few cigars together some day..

  5. You are absolutely AMAZING!! Thank you for sharing this brave story with us. Coming from a mother who has been married as well as a single mother I know some of the struggles and fears you speak of. Survival kicks in and we all do what we have to survive. And, from what I know of you already and what I read here you are truly a wonderful man, husband, father, writer, speaker and professional in your field. You not only survived….. you are Thriving!!

    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful story. :)


  6. You’re right, talent and drive are what it takes to success in life.

    It always amazes me how many of us got started in this field. Thanks for sharing your story. I’ve always thought you’re a pretty amazing person!

    - Kat

  7. Dave,

    All I can say is WOW, and thank you for opening up to your audience. I truly felt the intamacy behind this post when I was reading it. You overcame so many obstacles; and what I respect the most is, you sacrificed a great deal in order to provide for you family. Additionally, you brought up a very true and precise statement about talent out weighing years of experience. I have been working in this feild for about 12 years; I am just 30 now, and I have not acheived half of what you have achieved. One thing your post has taught me is, perhaps I should transition out of my comfort zone and take a little risk for what I want to do. Thanks for sharing!

  8. This post wasn’t news to me, as we had a conversation one time (don’t remember when) about your beginnings in the industry after you’d learned of mine. You’re a motivated motherfucker… but more importantly, you’re probably one of the most devoted family men I’ve ever come across. It’s how you became one of my favorite folks in the industry. Cheers.

  9. Thanks for sharing your story in such an honest way. If there’s nobody out there that dislikes you, you’re not taking enough chances. Glad to hear how far you’ve come through sheer perseverance and hard work.

  10. I totally understand where you’ve come from. My story isn’t all that different. But the satisfaction achieved, once you see what you can do with perseverance is awesome. Congrats on never giving up. That’s the kind of thing that will serve you well in the future when more hardships appear (and they always do). :) Thanks for sharing the journey.

  11. Whenever I want to provide an example of what a great SEO looks like–without the fluff, chest-beating, and ego–I point them to you Dave!

    I’m proud to call you a friend. And amazed at what you’ve accomplished.

    Keep up the good fight!


  12. Thanks for the inspirational post! I really despise folks who berate dudes for spilling their guts, and that first commenter needs to pack his bags and head straight to Hell. I don’t know the background behind that comment, but it surely was uncalled for. If he has a gripe with you, he should deal with it privately.

    Anyway, I, too, was a teacher for a short time. And I, too, found it to be a noble profession. I couldn’t afford to do it, either, what with a wife, a future with kids (I now have two), and wanting to continue to live in the Bay Area of California, so I changed jobs, too!

    Here’s to your continued success!

  13. I am more proud of you each and every day…to those of you that think he is exaggerating…he isn’t! David has worked hard through many obstacles in life to get to where he is and we are very, very proud of him.

    Who am I to know…the mother, the grandmother and his friend!


  14. More people in this industry should look beyond their own work and accomplishments and celebrate the awesome company at hand. Greatly inspiring story Dave, and although I have only met you briefly once in person, I can attest that I am very pleased to be part of your online community. Salud!

  15. Great post – really helps put life into perspective. I grew up down the street from Westglades on Coral Ridge & Holmberg, and remember how terrible the months after Wilma were.

  16. It takes guts to share your story like this, and to be brutally honest. At the end of the day, we’ve all got mouths to feed and bravo to you for not giving up and fighting your way to the top. You’re an inspiration.

  17. You are a great man! But as a precaution for the future, i suggest you get a fuzzy little rodent like a rodorovski hamster: they are excellent attention whore and even big men cannot resist the urge to pet them and get some stress relieved :D

  18. Dave

    You know you have succeeded online when you get your own personal Troll. I would go on but I don’t want the wanna be “greatest living SEO” to hijack your heart felt thread …

  19. Great story Dave, thanks for sharing. I especially appreciate people (like you) who know the difference between earning what they have and feeling entitled to it just because they’ve had some hard knocks.

  20. This was great Dave, thanks for sharing it. I’m glad you made it. I agree with almost everything you wrote but I think there’s one critical point missing. What you do for a living is legitimate beneficial marketing work, connecting products and customers. If what you did for a living were damaging to society, then with all due respect I’m not sure the rest of the story justifies it. Taken to the extreme, if you were a hit man the argument “but otherwise my kids would be homeless” would be insufficient. Taken to a lesser extreme, if you made a living vandalizing other people’s sites, I don’t think the story justifies it. It’s like we have these two extremes, those that think that only teaching and medicine are legitimate, and those that think that all is fair. The power of this story hinges on the legitimacy of the work. Keep up being a great husband, father, and marketer. And writer, I do enjoy your blog. Thanks!

  21. I found this post to be very inspirational. It’s always refreshing to witness a person acknowledging their family as their number one priority despite their success. I feel like I need to read that book I purchased on HTML coding now opposed to letting it collect dust! Nice to have you in the Tampa office.

  22. Many of us have similarly interesting (though not necessarily as dire) stories about how we got into the business but few have the guts to be as open as you…thanks for sharing.

  23. Great story! I think success starts by believing in yourself.
    Knowing what you want is the beginning of its achievement. It brings awareness of the opportunities. Then we need to add hard work and and a bit of luck. Thanks for sharing!

  24. Awesome story Dave! Its been amazing working w/you and knowing you the last 7 months! I knew at the time we met at IMSB that you and everyone at search and social were folks that I was looking forward to getting to know better! Thanks for sharing your story with us!

  25. Thanks for the post Dave,
    It’s nice to come across a motivational and well written think piece on search marketing and the people that do it as a profession. You are truly an inspiration and your story spans outside of the search community. It goes to show anyone that hits hard times that it’s always possible to pull yourself out. You definitely gave me a lot of perspective on my current situation. Thank you for such a great post.
    As for people that think you’re “the most dangerous man on the internet”…fuck em’ :)

  26. Great post Dave. It was great hearing you at SES this year. I still like the nickname “linkbait spitting machine” better than “most dangerous man on the internet”.

  27. Hey Dave,

    I only know you over beers and a weekend of good times. Add in a few internet conversations and, well, it ain’t much. I’ve often struggled with the idea of sharing my story. It’s very similar, but not why I’m commenting.

    Let me just say you are fucking inspirational. There are a ton of people that don’t know hardship and don’t get what needs to be done in the real world. Hats off to you for accomplishing what you have and I wish you continued success.

    Matt Leonard

  28. There is nothing more impressive than seeing someone work their a*s off and get exactly what they deserve as both a person and as a professional. I am saying nothing new here…but wow Dave! Just wow! I am very impressed and in awe of your story. You have inspired everyone who has read this with the exception of a few who hate to hard to hear. You needn’t waste your time on their BS. You’ve proved better than that!

  29. Thanks for sharing your inspirational story. I never worry about what ignorant people think. Most people don’t even know what real spam OR real marketing is.

    Fuck ‘em.

  30. A lot of people in this industry try to make themselves out to be something they aren’t. They seem to believe their image is more important than being genuine. I’ve always had respect for you, Dave…not only for your accomplishments in search marketing, but for just being a stand-up guy who is willing to lend a hand and help anyone who is willing to help themselves.

    It takes a lot of guts to put yourself out there and tell your story – not just the parts that paint an “I’m so awesome…” picture, but the parts that are uncomfortable and potentially not-so-flattering. Giving people insight into who you really are and what drives you takes courage, as well as a mighty big shot of humility. Inspirational doesn’t begin to cover it.

    You kick ass. You should be proud and the search marketing industry is better for having you in it.

  31. Yeah, I agree with Michael. Fuck ‘em. Do your thing and the people who click with you will stick with you.

    I wish more people out there would read this story rather than do all the victim-bitching they usually do.

  32. I’m really glad I got to read this, Dave. You’ve been coming up more and more in conversation with the people I talk to and always in impressive ways. I hope I can buy you a drink at Pubcon next week.

  33. You are truly an amazing man, Dave Snyder! I’m honored to know you and so adore your family. You’ve done so much for a number of people. Your transparency is honorable!

    Stay real and stay dangerous!

  34. Amazing honest post. I really liked to read it and to sense the words between the lines. The disappointment, the sadness of your journey and the pride and fun in the end when you where able to achieve your own goals and fulfill your own values. In the end that is all what counts: When you look into the eyes of your son and your wife and you know you have done everything to give them the life they wanted to have with you. My biggest respect.

  35. Funny as always…
    every bad man finds excuses…
    and thinks he is a poor man…
    impelled by the society…

  36. Only hit on this now – a truly fantastic and for many: hopefully motivating read, Dave. Keep it up – and hope to meet you in meatspace sometime, too. Thanks for this.

  37. Mate, if more people worried about the people in their own house as much as they seem to worry about the opinions of strangers the world would be a much more exceptional place.

    Thanks for sharing

  38. The Internet is full of opportunity, you grabbed yours and those that disrespect you are simply jealous. I think too many people in your previous situation would have turned to get-rich-quick schemes which make money for the few people that run the scams; instead your story demonstrates that whilst there is money to be made online, the only sustainable way to achieve this is through hard work and endeavour…

  39. This was a great read, Dave. Thanks for sharing.

    You mention in your comment: “3) I loved being a teacher, and actually would like to teach again in some form one day”

    I think you already do that with posts like these, buddy! Just broaden your definition of teaching, and I think you’ll find you’re doing it every day.

  40. Very inspiring story. Keep on keeping on. I find that I am easily intimidated when it comes to the SEO industry. I constantly second guess my abilities and have been dabbling since about 2001. Reading how far you’ve come since 2005 inspires me to revisit what I love so much about it. I’m in Naples BTW, just a hop, skip and jump from you.

  41. Yo Dave! Thanks for sharing such an amazing journey. It takes alot of guts to put yourself out there like that. I wish people would stop being f****** ignorant and put props where they belong.

    You’ve certainly been one hell of an inspiration to me.

    I’m thrilled to see your success…and I know there’s much more in store for you.

    Glad you finally made it down to the sunshine state. See you in Tampa!

  42. Dave,

    Great post with a personal touch and too true about your side note:
    “If you want to understand HTML and on page SEO, you should really be able to code a full HTML webpage in notepad.”

    I started hand coding my first year in search a decade ago and have much respect for any SEO that has taken the time to lean HTML in this Dreamweaver/CMS/WordPress web we live in.

    Cheers and best of luck!

    James Svoboda

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  44. Dave,
    There really is nothing more encouraging to others as sharing a story like yours. Not blaming others, not giving up. Being willing to learn and work hard to do what it takes. As for the “luck,” maybe. But I think you made your own with determination.
    Truly inspiring.
    (I’d move in with my dad but he’s 80, has cats and I’m more of a dog guy… )
    Good news for you though, looks like you still are a teacher after all.
    Honestly, Thanks for sharing,

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  46. This post provides in an insight to the quality person Dave is as with most people that don’t know him just see a “bouncer” like intimidating exterior while underneath is an extremely likable intelligent person.

    Although his bouncer like qualities did come in handy as we had to “fight” our way out of this seedy back alley punk bar Danny Sullivan took us to in Seattle during SMX Advanced.

    Look forward to having coffee & shots with you at PubCon as you often advise just before we speak at our conference panels :)

    ,Michael Martin

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  49. Family is the most important thing and it takes a strong man to swallow his pride to do what it takes to provide for his family. Looks like your hard work paid off….Good for you!

  50. Thanx for the story Dave. I agree on the years of experience Vs The actual knowledge thing. I have come across SEOs and Marketers who have been in the industry since ages but are not that successful compared to people who are pretty new and are already making huge money.

  51. Dave-
    I remember I mailed you giving you a brief descrip of my journey through life. Honestly speaking, I’ve disclosed the things on that mail to anyone in my life before, and I was kicking myself for opening out to a person I was only related to professionally. I was thinking to myself, “why did I have to tell him all this as if this guy will even understand all this!” I even thought of you as a young, successful, insensitive but terribly honest and ethical American man at that point. I felt ashamed for saying what I said in that mail to somebody who will never understand or care. I mean, I didn’t even know why I said all those, and you didn’t even remotely ask about my past before that. Call it the late night working or plain boredom, I actually even lectured you a bit about how you should be. Ryan just gave me the link to this post, and after reading it, Dave, I don’t feel ashamed anymore. I feel proud, but at the same time, I feel guilty as hell for putting you in the wrong bracket, earlier. In that mail, I did not tell you about the rough times I had when I was newly married. It was pretty much similar, though not this extreme, and like you, I had wonderful parents and wife to support me. You’re like a decade younger to me, but I feel you’re like zillion years ahead of me in life. I always felt you were an honest and ethical man, but after this post, I’m compelled to think of you in many other positive references and feel like shit thinking about you otherwise. When you offered me the job, I remember I asked you, “Why me?” and you said you liked my ethics. That struck me, Dave. Here was a man who was not thinking of how much money I can make for his company, but bases his judgment on pure old fashioned ethics, instead. All those people who do not know the importance of this post, they have not travelled the road, but a time will come, believe me, it does in everyone’s life, when they’ll be forced to change their perceptions about people and life in general. And until that time, as somebody commented earlier on this post, we’ll just have to pity them. Dave, I’m glad I met you, and through you, Ryan, Loren, Jordan, Joanna, Kevin and the rest. Except for the ever so helpful Ryan and you, I have not even had a chat conversation that lasted for more than 2 minutes (many not even that), but I can visualize what a fine team you guys have there. And if we part ways in the future (I damn well don’t hope so), I will always be proud of the fact that I had the chance to work in a company that had real ‘HUMANS’, and not money making machines. In fact, I feel a little jealous of all you guys coz a company that has real people working will always be a fun atmosphere, and I’m missing that. Happy to have met you and everybody at S&S , thanks for accepting me into the S&S fold and most of all, thanks for making me proud, through this post. Good luck to all you guys on the Las Vegas Conf. I was laughing my guts out at your post about Loren’s feet and the team’s obvious sell point–your looks. I can identify more with Loren’s feet though, but I guess I beat him hollow in that department coz I’m only 5 10 but I have feet like dolphin fins, wide and flappy) So, i guess your post and Loren’s feet are very close to my life and my lower limbs, respectively. Cheers.

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  56. you asshole. you made me tear up.

    Having kids depending on you really does put shit in perspective. My life didn’t suck nearly as bad as yours before my transition into internet marketing and SEO, but I sure as hell can relate to how bad it sucks to be homeless. I remember drinking a half empty soda sitting on a bench because I was so thirsty and had no water, and sneaking into hotel bathrooms in the middle of the night to wash up, and then sneaking onto an empty ferry boat to sleep. That’s one of those ‘what the hell am I doing’ moments. Thank God we live in America at least, where we at least have a chance to make it if we persevere and bust our ass.

    I’m glad you made it.

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  60. You are a rockstar!

    When I wanted to change careers from nonprofit to search, no one would hire me because I had no web experience, so I installed & configured a painful CMS called Joomla, spent hours up late at night surfing help forums & hacking php, and launched eventually launched a web magazine about the rainforest.

    I used social media to build up my online personal brand & to network with influencers in the search industry, and within 7 months I was managing a $2M PPC account.

    Everyone told me that I’d have to start from ground zero, start at the Associate level and take a pay cut. Instead I doubled my salary.

    I agree that Hard work + an understanding of your talents + luck = success. Although in my case, I sometimes don’t fully understand my talents, but I make up for it by being pretty f*cking tenacious.

    Totally inspired and thrilled to be working with you!

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