This Weeks Shocking Lessons in Business and Life

So this week was more of a roller coaster than usual, and like all things interesting in my life I figured I would share it.

Lesson # 1: Dante is a pimp in a tie

Dante looking awesome!

A bit of chest thumping, but whatever.

Lesson # 2: Transparency is KEY

This was probably the most cliche statement in 2009, so I am sure your eyes are rolling. BUT, what do you do when it is YOUR company that needs to be transparent. Not a hypothetical company, not a Fortune 500 , not a client … your company, the one paying your bills.

This week we had two issues arise with work we were contracted to do for clients. Both of them were honest mistakes, and the kind of issues that can happen to anyone, but we were at a cross roads with both clients. The issues were severe enough to warrant us being taken of the accounts. In reality, both issues were caused by circumstances that are not part of our everyday business, or that we even knew were going on (this lesson feeds more lessons to come). But that is the reality of doing business.

As a business owner do we cover our tracks, and do whatever it takes to keep the client?

No. Instead we chose to man up, take blame for our mistakes, offer swift actionable changes to benefit the client in the situation. Now by doing this we knew we were likely going to lose the account, however something interesting happened, the fact that we were transparent, willing to fix the situation, and provided excellent customer service in both cases caused the client to realize how safe there business actually was with us. We were not the company that was going to mess up, and leave them in the lurch, instead we were the company willing to protect them at all costs, despite our benefit or loss.

Lesson #3: When something is broke, FIX IT!

When your company is humming along and being profitable, it is sometimes hard to stop the machine to make repairs you know are necessary. With the above issues however, this month, we halted several of our process, and made massive overhauls in the middle of work. Very few companies would do this, but what we realized was that our mission has always been driven by Quality, in services and customer service, and if we have processes that aren’t giving our clients that one basic principles they must be scrapped and redesigned, from the ground up.

Lesson #4: If you want the most from your staff challenge them

As you can imagine the reinvention of process in our company was a huge undertaking for our staff, so I decided to sit out in the main work area yesterday to help them along. I was surprised, and delighted to see the aggressiveness and enthusiasm they had about tackling the challenge. It made me realize that the ingenuity if our staff is something we should harness via processes and not suppress. By creating challenging assignments, not only will it make the staff rise to new levels, but it will also produce the best quality services for the client.

Lesson #5: Google Doesn’t Understand Privacy

Seriously! This never came up in testing?

Lesson #6: Snyder men are dead sexy

3 thoughts on “This Weeks Shocking Lessons in Business and Life

  1. I’m a big fan of #4. I love to see a company that really values their staff and wants to bring out their talents. Too many places do try to suppress individuality and would actually prefer drones over employees who are truly innovative and invested in their workplace. Good for you, for respecting your staff and cultivating their potential.

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